Sunday, January 3, 2010

Strength in numbers?

Whoever said that there's strength in numbers, I've found was only talking about select issues in life. For instance, when someone hurts you, it helps to have your friends, and it makes you stronger. But then when it comes to facing life in general is when the "numbers" fade out, and you have to find the inner strength to get through each day. I mean people are there for you, but the place they can't enter is your heart- where your inner strength is. Like someone once told me after a hard breakup- "You've just gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep on walkin". Right now I'm struggling with that, but hopefully with time, things will get better. I'm looking at it from an exercising perspective. For example, when you go to the gym for the first time you can't expect to bench press 200 lbs. It takes time, and work- repeated work, which in time will make you stronger. That is what I plan to do, and this blog post will be my reminder on those days when I'm having a hard time "pulling up by my bootstraps".

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